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    apple tv
    10 Tricks Every Apple TV Owner Should Know

    So you just got Apple TV. Now, here’s how to get more out of it. So you finally cut your cable and bought the new Apple TV. With Siri, an app store, and a touchscreen remote, it’s no longer just for Apple fanatics. But some of the coolest features and most useful functions can get lost unless you […]

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    porche design
    Porsche Design Revs Up A Drive That Powers Your MacBook

    CES is a time of bad photoshopping and the above image is a perfect example. That said, the product it hopes to sell is quite compelling. It’s basically a USB-C desktop hard drive that connects to and powers USB-C devices – primarily the new MacBook. Called the LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive, the drive has […]

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    iphone 6s
    How to Set up Your New iPhone: 13 Settings You Should Change Right Now

    Congratulations! Someone got you that new iPhone you were hoping for. Now it’s time to sit down and make it work the way you want. Hidden in its Settings app, you’ll find hundreds of switches and sliders that can make a huge difference in your iPhoning experience. Most of the factory settings are fine the […]

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    How to Remove Devices From Your iTunes Account

    Limits suck. In a world of almost unlimited digital content — all the videos, music, texts, and storage you need at a click — bumping up against restrictions feels like being pulled over by the cops when you weren’t even speeding. Apple has one of the silliest restrictions around: You can only associate 10 devices with your […]

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    hp elitebook folio g1
    HP’s EliteBook Folio G1 is its answer to the MacBook

    HP just unveiled the EliteBook Folio G1 notebook PC, the thinnest notebook HP has ever made, at CES Tuesday. HP doesn’t call out the MacBook specifically as a competitor, but spend 30 seconds with this laptop, and HP’s inspiration becomes abundantly clear. HP claims that the EliteBook Folio is the thinnest and lightest business-class notebook available, […]

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    Magical gadget scans your food to reveal its nutritional value

    LAS VEGAS — Curious just how many carbs and calories are sitting on your dinner plate? A new gadget promises to reveal the nutritional value of your meal by scanning its chemical makeup. French startup DietSensor launched at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show a pocket-sized, Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor called SCiO. It uses near-infrared spectroscopy […]

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    usb sticks
    5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years

    Just five years ago the world was a very different place. In 2010, the iPad had just made its debut, Kickstarter was introducing a new form of venture capitalism that would change the face of fundraising and Square was letting vendors of any size accept payment with a swipe of a card on a mobile device. And […]

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    The Avegant Glyph Will Let You Watch 3D Movies On A Plane

    Avegant is showcasing its new product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Originally backed by Kickstarter, the startup is releasing its Glyph media player that doubles as a headset. Equipped with 3D capabilities, the wearable device can connect to a computer or smartphone via an HDMI connector, displaying movies and the […]

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    youtube keyboard
    The Secret Keyboard Controls of YouTube

    Maybe you already know that tapping the space bar is your Play/Pause control for a YouTube video. But lots of other keys are available to you, too. Check it out: J: Jumps back 10 seconds. Great if you didn’t catch the words. K: Play/Pause. (In case your space bar is broken.) L: Jumps forward 10 […]